пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

 Well, maybe i am responding too late , but it was the first time i watched this perfect novel. It's just a sack of sadness and sorrow. A wave of sad emotions has filled my  
soul. My life is entirely similar with the main character life. Hikkikomori is not new teenagers craze, it's a part of our life. There are many persons , who physically can not integrate themselves into society. They can be trivially called "losers", NEETS , etc.
Every day in such life is a permanent depression pressure which cannot be solved in a day.
 It's a pure drama itself ,  maybe the most thrilling i ever saw 8/10. Panache is great too and not typical 8/10. Soundtrack is perfectly suited for the image and it's just really great music what can be listen again and again 10/10.  The conclusion is obvious - must see.

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